How to Use Flirty Text Messages to Get Him Aroused

How to Use Flirty Text Messages to Get Him Aroused

If you haven’t been using flirty text messages to get your guy aroused, then you have been missing out on a golden opportunity to make your relationship more exciting. With the introduction of cell phones, the ability to flirt with your man has been taken to a whole new level.

Flirty text messages sent through mobile phones make communication between partners very intimate and passionate. As a matter of fact they have become the new trend of connecting with a guy. If you have a crush on a hot guy and you don’t have the courage to talk to him, you can easily get “up-close and personal” and even get him aroused thanks to flirty text messages.

In order to make your text look more appealing, you need to watch what you text. All I am trying to say here is that be careful with your words. You need to know how to use flirty text messages to get him aroused. While this may sound like a daunting task, it is relatively easy. This article provides deep insights on all you ever wanted to know when it comes to flirty messages and how to use them to leave him burning with desire.

Be funny… If you want to get him really turned on, then being funny is how you start. Let your conversation start with some humor, but don’t forget to add the flirty twist to it.

You don’t have to be a whiz kid to come up with these texts; they should naturally flow. Keep the messages short and precise and if it all goes as you have planned, then you’re on your way to making him hard as rock.

Be creative… One of the best ways to use flirty messages is by making your texts stimulating. Don’t be afraid to show creativity in your messages. Your texts should have a unique twist in them and should be descriptive.

If you are imaginative enough, your texts will be more fun to read and will certainly bring excitement to your boyfriend. Let loose of your inner feelings and tease your man by showing him that you are a person who is fun being with. Don’t be afraid to let him know that you are willing to explore you desire prowess as well.

Show him that you care… For you to make him aroused with your flirty messages, you need to show your partner that you care for him. Apart from talking dirty to him, ask how he is doing. Of course there are times he may be sick; ask if you could offer some assistance during such times.

You may not be successful always in arousing him with your texts. When you notice you are not getting him in the mood, consider asking him about his opinion and any suggestions on what you should include in your texts.

Even as you get flirty with your man don’t forget to include the aspect to dirty texting. If you use dirty words in your flirty messages, the journey to arouse your man will be much shorter. This is due to the simple reason that men are quickly dragged into thinking dirty through dirty talk. Do you want to get your man in the mood pretty fast?