Abuse of Women – What Is the Solution?

Abuse of Women - What Is the Solution?

Have you ever dreamed of a world in which men and women are equal? This is one of the things that groups or organizations such as Unifem, Gabriela and Women’s Liberation Movement are trying to pursue. This may sound appealing to a lot of women. Why? Since a lot of women all over the world experience hardships caused by men. These hardships may range from abusive speech, desire abuse, death, and everything in between. However, is it really the solution to stop all these injustices done to women? What is the real solution?

In order for us to understand the solution to this problem, we should turn to the Bible to know the roles of men and women given by God. We can find at 1 Corinthians 11:3 of the Bible that the “head of a woman is the man”. Some people may misunderstand this and reason out that women are inferior to men. Due to this misunderstanding, a lot of abuse had been done to women. However, to understand the application of this, the explanation must be in accord with the whole bible. If we turn to Genesis 2:20 we can see there that the woman is described as a “complement” for the man. It did not describe the woman as a maid or a slave.

If the woman is a complement for man, it means that men should not deal abusively of her. Instead, she should be treated lovingly. Her needs, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual, should be given. The man, being the head, should take the lead in family matters, but always considering the welfare of his wife in his decisions.

The man should always assign her honor as to a weaker vessel, states 1 Peter 3:7. A weaker vessel? Yes! Does that statement belittle women in any way? No, and far from it! To understand this, we can use the Tiffany Lotus lamp as an example. Though considered to be very delicate, the original of this exquisitely fine lamp was sold at an auction in 1997 for 2.8 million dollars! Its value was enhanced because of it’s being delicate; it did not diminish.

If we were to apply all these things, do you think that women would still experience hardships caused by men? Do you think that they would still pursue gender equality? The answer is evident. However, the society in which we live in is an imperfect society. Abuse of women are all over the world. So how can it be achieved? The Bible tells of a New world where only those who follow His standards, including on how to treat women, would be able to see it. At that time no person would seek gender equality.